When it comes to education, Allen Chastanet and the UWP have let our students down. They canceled the laptop programme and rushed to bring some semblance of the programme back when they realized its value during the height of the pandemic. They failed to address teacher concerns during the worst of COVID-19. Teachers saw little support and help during distance learning and many students experienced a “lost year.”

And, we saw the results of Allen Chastanet and the UWP’s uncaring attitude in CXC scores, especially in Mathematics which saw performance deteriorate. We’re headed in the wrong direction when it comes to public education.

Of course, the quality of education also shows the divide between the two Saint Lucias; the schools for the left behind. They saw little investment. Teachers strapped for resources. Teachers and students struggling during the pandemic, and a lost year.

Don’t let Allen Chastanet fool you with his razzle dazzle. Those of us with children in schools know just how tough a year it’s been and just how little attention was given to transforming our public schools and providing the technology and resources needed for learning in these difficult times.

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