In a recent interview with HTS, Castries Mayor Peterson Francis admitted to politically victimizing a street vendor. The Mayor said that if the vendor has a right to speak out, he has a right to take away his rights to vend in Constitution Park.

This is political victimization. A vendor being denied the right to vend because he is speaking out and expressing a political opinion? That’s undemocratic and against the norms of good government. But, this government seems to not care about such things. A protestor peacefully protesting in front of Allen Chastanet’s home was arrested, so was an SLP campaign manager.

This has gone far enough. The UWP is clearly drunk with power and will wield the power of state to victimize people and arrest them in order to advance their political agenda. It’s time for Allen Chastanet to do the right thing. Condemn Mayor Francis for admitting to victimization. Show the people that we are a democracy that is open, free and fair to all!

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