Chaos. That’s what’s going on in the UWP right now. That’s why we saw a last minute cancellation of two sittings of Parliament this week.

It’s clear that an election is now imminent and that the UWP’s ability to rack up irresponsible debt to line the pockets of the FFF is coming to an end.

We don’t need Allen Chastanet anymore to tell us that there’s going to be an election – because he’s running out the clock and he is set to become a caretaker Prime Minister once Parliament is forcibly adjourned.

He is not going to wait for the embarrassment of having Parliament adjourned for him by the Governor-General. The weak leader is going to call the election imminently. Mark our words. And, we’re ready because we know that the people are tired of an uncaring UWP regime that has failed to help working people who lost their jobs and incomes. And, they’re ready for an SLP that puts you first.

The election will be called shortly. Be ready