Under his failed leadership, Dominic Fedee has not opened a single new hotel. He botched the COVID-19 management of the industry which left thousands of Saint Lucians unemployed in the sector with no support from the government. And, his failed management extended to the government’s confused COVID-19 policy that didn’t bring clarity to tourism stakeholders.

And, Minister Fedee has the audacity to criticize an SLP government that opened scores of hotels and transformed the sector under their leadership? In a recent release, Fedee had the gaul to talk about taxi drivers. But, he did not mention the extreme suffering that taxi drivers are feeling from a lack of fares. Nor did he mention that government has done little to help them.

Harold Stanislas did mention COVID-19, but did not explain that the UWP government had an opportunity to help those who lost their income and lost their livelihoods, but failed to do so. His government could have provided relief to unemployed workers in the form of money and food, but, they did not do enough, because, in the words of their leader, the country was broke after they spent all the money and improperly managed the government’s purse.

The fact of the matter is that the people could open their small businesses during the pandemic,the little shop keeper or small mechanic shop, some were even taxed like the charcoal makers. People are struggling. The UWP may say they’re working, but, you need to ask, who they really working for?

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