Leader of the Opposition Responds to the Government’s Unrealistic Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure for 2021/22

Leader of the Opposition and Political Leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party today responded to the Government’s unrealistic Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure for the financial year 2021/22. Mr Pierre lamented the fact that the Prime Minister presented estimates which were out of touch with the realities plaguing Saint Lucians. He indicated that people are desperate and need a caring Government that will put their needs first.

The honourable leader went on to express his concern for the state of healthcare, the alarming number of COIVD-1 9 related deaths, more than the entire OECS combined and the increase in the number of persons who cannot meet basic healthcare costs, a direct failure of the UWP Government who scrapped Universal Health Care plans. He noted that $18.2 million was being borrowed for consultancies when Wellness Centres remain ill-equipped, medication shortages and the morale of healthcare workers is at an all-time low. He noted that St. Jude’s Hospital remains incomplete after being under construction for 7 years by the UWP who destroyed 2 buildings and have spent over $79 million; the hospital is nowhere near completion.

The reckless spending over the last 5 years has left us with a debt to GDP ratio of 102% as cited by CDB. Saint Lucians and future generations are now burdened with debt and nothing to show for this Government’s excessive borrowing. With over $400 million borrowed in the name of COVID-19 relief, very few Saint Lucians have benefited. Hon. Pierre concluded by saying that a new SLP Government cares for people and would ensure that Saint Lucians receive much-needed support during this economic crisis.



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