As Saint Lucians assess the damages caused by Hurricane Elsa the Saint Lucia Labour Party wishes to extend commiserations to all those who have suffered losses as a result. With due gratitude to the Most High, Elsa left minimal fatalities in its wake and we extend our deepest condolences to the bereaved family of Peter Victor of Fond St. Jacques, Soufriere.  Its early arrival and speedy passage remind us that we are in the hurricane season and that as a small island we are extremely vulnerable to destructive forces, whether natural or man-made.

Compounding the economic dislocation caused by the COVID  19 Pandemic and the Government’s lack of support, this disaster is going to make life even tougher for many of our people.  We ask all Saint Lucians to come together to deal with the aftermath of this hurricane so that together we can recover as quickly as possible from the setbacks that it has dealt.

We call on the Government to move quickly to bring relief and assistance to those who require it. However, it must desist from its usual practice of politicising relief by utilising party colours and allegiances to determine who receives such assistance. The welfare of the people must come first. The Saint Lucia Labour Party stands ready to cooperate in this regard. Together we can overcome this new challenge by putting the people of Saint Lucia first.