Allen Chastanet and the UWP failed the ordinary men and women of Saint Lucia. They broke their promises from their 2016 campaign and their policies and programmes have focused on enriching the FFF – friends, family and foreigners – and left ordinary Saint Lucians behind.

Last night, the Saint Lucia Labour Party unveiled a reasonable and detailed plan focused on rebuilding Saint Lucia and putting you first. The plan includes a focus on the economic recovery and ensuring that you have support you need when you lose your job or income. The plan also focuses on crime and using new technology to solve crime and bring criminals to justice. Finally, it focuses on healthcare and ensuring that you can afford the coverage that you need. It includes a landmark universal healthcare plan, because healthcare is a right, not a privilege!

The manifesto also includes detailed plans for each constituency. And, we mean each constituency because it does not matter if your MP is independent, Labour or UWP, you will be treated fairly and equitably. We wish to be a government for ALL of Saint Lucia.

Tonight, you will hear a bunch of promises from an uncaring UWP government that failed to fulfill their promises from 2016 in spite of having more than 5 years to get it done! We should not trust them now because they broke their promises then. Labour offers a workable, reasonable plan that rebuilds Saint Lucia and puts you first.